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12-Credit Online Graduate Certificate Program in
Digital Media and Design

It's difficult for companies to find well-trained digital media specialists, to say the least. Skilled Digital Media and Design (DMD) professionals are in short supply; unemployment rates in creative fields like DMD remain below the national average. Consider this: according to a 2017 Marketing Hiring Trends study conducted by McKinley Marketing Partners,

"Demand remains strong for digital marketers, though the supply of candidates will be tight."

In fact, such leading organizations as Cigna and IBM often make offers to University of Connecticut (UConn) undergraduate students in the fall of their senior year. They're hired long before they even graduate! But what if you already have a Bachelor's degree and don't live or work near our Storrs or Stamford campuses in Connecticut. What if:

  • You're in a management position and need to develop a solid understanding of DMD platforms and concepts,so you can work effectively with your marketing and creative staff? Or, you want to take advantage of new job opportunities within your organization that require a strong foundation in DMD?
  • You are new to the DMD field, but find yourself called upon to develop a website, create content, or produce digital medial marketing assets using tools from the Adobe Suite? You're outside of your comfort zone and are looking for a professional and directed learning experience.
  • You're in the graphic design field and want to expand into website creation, or you're a copywriter who needs to learn about search engine optimization (SEO)? Perhaps you've been in print media for years and have minimal or no hands-on experience in the digital world.
  • You're a small business owner who has no experience in web development or creating other digital assets, yet want to take advantage of cost-effective DMD programs to achieve marketing objectives?
  • Or just maybe, you're tired of digital media passing you by. You feel stuck with using mundane clip art in PowerPoint presentations. You avoid social media at all costs. Perhaps you have ideas for a great video promoting your business or new product, but have no idea how to get started.

Whatever your reason for wanting to transition from traditional marketing to the digital marketing world, you can acquire many of the same foundation DMD skills that master's degree students earn. How? Take advantage of UConn's Digital Media and Design Online Graduate Certificate, a program in the School of Fine Arts. This 12-credit DMD graduate-level program provides high quality UConn instruction—including courses taught by experienced DMD experts—combined with the flexibility and convenience of online learning.

A Bachelor's degree is required to apply for the Digital Media and Design Online Graduate Certificate program.

We are accepting applications for summer 2020 semester. The application deadline is Friday, March 27, 11:59 p.m. EST. Apply now to avoid last minute processing delays.