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The Digital Media and Design Online Graduate Certificate is comprised of four required courses (12-credits in total) that are offered in the semesters listed. It is required that courses be taken in sequential order beginning in summer 2017.

Fall Spring Summer
DMD 5000:Creative Digital Fundamentals 5/30-6/30/17
DMD 5070: Introduction to Web Design I 7/10-8/11/17
DMD 5700: Digital Media Strategies for Business 8/28-12/17/17
DMD 5720: Digital Media Analytics 1/16-5/5/18

DMD 5000: Creative Digital Fundamentals

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce the core concepts for developing skills to create and implement digital graphics utilizing a combination of techniques and effects working with the applications: Photoshop,  Powerpoint, After Effects and Premiere. Acquisition of these skills will prepare students to create their own animated promotional videos, edit raw video, manipulate graphic elements for posting to websites, the production of infographics and for insertion of digital elements into PowerPoint presentations.
Instructor: Dan Pejril, Assistant Professor in Residence, Department of Digital Media and Design

DMD 5070: Introduction to Web Design I

Course Description: Introduction to Web Design is a survey of the concepts and methodologies of Web design. The course will introduce the key concepts of Web design and development as well as the software that facilitates it. No prior experience in Web design is necessary, but students must be willing to embrace a new perspective on the design process, that rewards attention to detail. This is a demanding course – both technically and conceptually – and will require, in addition to design time, many hours of self-initiated software exploration. The course is comprised of a series of exercises and projects beginning with basic HTML and increasing in complexity to include multiple pages sites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress.
Instructor: Joel Salisbury, Assistant Professor, Department of Digital Media and Design

DMD 5700: Digital Media Strategies for Business

Course Description: Digital Media Strategies for Business is designed to introduce students to the latest digital media concepts and platforms including: digital consumer behavior; website and video strategies; content marketing and email programs; social media; digital advertising; mobile platforms; e-commerce, and digital analytics. Case examples will be used to examine and understand what leading edge marketers are doing today and what the digital possibilities will be in the future. This course is a prerequisite for DMD 5720.
Instructor: Bill Congdon, Assistant Professor in Residence, Department of Digital Media and Design

DMD 5720: Digital Media Analytics

Course Description: Digital Media Analytics introduces students to the wide array of metrics and analytic tools needed to understand the digital consumer and measure the effectiveness of digital media marketing campaigns. Topics will include big data, social media engagement, search analytics, audience and content analysis, data-journalism, mobile metrics, and digital ROI measurement. Upon completion of this course students will be able to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods to challenges faced by digital marketing professionals. Moreover, students will demonstrate the capacity to integrate business information into marketing performance evaluation and effective decision-making.
Instructor: Philip Dwire, Assistant Professor in Residence, Department of Digital Media and Design